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Here are some terms that are commonly used in the On My Way Pre-K program and the definitions of each term.

On My Way Pre-K Terms
CCDFThe Child Care and Development Fund is a principal source of federal funding for child care subsidies for low-income, working families and seeks to improve the quality of child care in Indiana. This program is administered in Indiana by the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning, under the direction of the Family and Social Services Administration.
Co-PayThe dollar amount the family is responsible for paying directly to the provider based on the family’s income, family size, years on the program and the Federal Poverty level. This amount is listed on their voucher. It is the responsibility of the family to pay this directly to the provider.
DOEIndiana Department of Education
FSSAIndiana Family and Social Services Administration
LEALocal Education Agency
LLEP Facility PacketApplication packet that must be completed to become an LLEP program.
OECOSLIndiana Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning
OMW or OMW Pre-KOn My Way Pre-K provides grants for 4-year-olds from low income families to access high-quality pre-k programs the year before they begin kindergarten.
PESProvider Elgiblity Standards
PTQPaths to QUALITY™ is a free, voluntary Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) designed to raise the standard of quality in early child care and education in Indiana. Paths to QUALITY™ includes four progressively higher levels of standards, with each level including and building upon previous levels. This program is administered by the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning, under the direction of the Family and Social Services Administration.
POS MachinePoint of Service device used to electornically capture time and attendance for provider reimbursements.
Private Preschool ProgramsEarly care and education programs located in a non-public school.
ProgramThe care and/or education services provided. Also may be used to define a specific category of services, such as On My Way Pre-K.
ProviderAny entity providing early childhood care and/or education services.
Public School-Based ProgramAny Local Education Agency recognized by the Indiana Department of Education.
Service NeedParents and/or guardians in the household must be working, going to school or attending job training to qualify for a child care grant or voucher. This applies to both CCDF and On My Way Pre-K.
VoucherThis form shows the child’s approval for CCDF or On My Way Pre-K and the amount that will be paid to the provider, as well as any co-pay for the family. It is also sometimes referred to as a grant.

Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC)

The Early Learning Advisory Committee has also put together this useful glossary of terms to help schools and early learning programs understand each other.