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How to Talk to Families

The most important thing to remember when talking to families is to be positive and encouraging about the program. Be sure to share the many benefits of the program, as outlined here. And encourage the family to apply online at or with a paper application available at under Parent Resources.

Families must meet the following eligibility standards:

  1. Child must be 4 years old, but not yet 5 years old, by August 1 of the program year.
  2. Child must be a resident of Indiana.
  3. Parents/guardians in the household must have a service need (working, going to school, attending job training).
  4. Families must earn less than 127 percent of federal poverty level (FPL). Income guidelines are available on the FFSA website.

Once they apply and are approved for the On My Way Pre-K program, an eligibility office will work with the family to help them process all of the paperwork.

The goal is to bring new families into the On My Way Pre-K pilot rather than enrolling families that are already participating in your early learning program. The following are some of the key benefits you’ll want to share with families:

Full-Day, Full-Year Experience

Families with children who receive an On My Way Pre-K grant are authorized for a full-day, full-year experience. The family can choose whether their child participates full or part-time, depending on the family’s needs.

Family Co-Pays are Waived

Co-pays are waived for families on the On My Way Pre-K program during the Pre-K program year only. Co-pays are calculated at a family level, not at student level. If a family has additional children receiving CCDF vouchers, the co-pays are waived for all of the children during the year of the On My Way Pre-K pilot.

53 Weeks of Service

Families are guaranteed no less than 53 weeks of service. They will not be left without services for the summer months.

Continuity of Care

Families do not have to re-apply at the end of the On My Way Pre-K program to continue with high quality programs in kindergarten through a CCDF voucher. Continuity of care for the CCDF vouchers will continue up to age 12, as long as the family continues to meet eligibility standards.