Provider Information

Technology and Systems

There are two main systems that support the On My Way Pre-K pilot program: the Automated Intake System (AIS) and EPPIC, which is provided by Conduent (formerly known as Xerox).

Automated Intake System (AIS)

This system tracks family and child information, determines eligibility and calculates subsidy and co-pay amounts based on reimbursement rates and fee schedules.

Providers do not have direct access to AIS, it is used by the local intake agency to determine family eligibility, subsidy amounts and if applicable, co-pay amounts.

EPPIC Portal

This system is used to track time and attendance for proper reimbursements. It allows families to record attendance using a Point Of Service (POS) machine to process payment for providers based on authorized grant amounts. EPPIC is operated by Conduent.

There are three separate portals that work together to record and approved attendance and provider payment.

Provider Portal

The provider portal allows providers to:

  • Enter six provider holidays in which the program is not operating and wish to claim attendance for OMW children.
    Please note: if you are currently a CCDF provider and have already chosen you six holidays for the year, you will not need to re-enter them for On My Way Pre-K. Provider holidays will need to be entered yearly.
  • Enter up to five inclement weather closure days.
  • Enter late attendance if a parent/guardian is unable to swipe their card on the POS machine, or is unable to drop off or pick up child from the program because transportation is provided by the program.
  • Enter attendance manually if the parent or guardian does not come to the building to drop off or pick up the child. For example, this would apply if your program provides transportation.
Parent Portal

The parent portal allows parents to:

  • Approve or deny late attendance or personal days that are entered by the provider.
  • Look up information about their case, including attendance reports and provider payments.

In order to gain access to EPPIC, providers need to complete a provider agreement with Conduent (formerly Xerox). This is a separate agreement from the On My Way Pre-K provider agreement. After you have signed the agreement with Conduent, you will receive your POS swipe system for attendance tracking, if you do not have one already.

The registration process with Conduent begins when you are assigned your first On My Way Pre-K grant. A representative from Conduent will reach out to you within 7 to 10 business days to get the provider agreement signed and make sure your program is set up in the system to receive payments (W-9 form, direct deposit forms, etc.) Conduent will also provide training on how to use the POS swipe system and the provider portal.

If you have questions or issues with the EPPIC system, please contact the Conduent Provider Help Desk at 1-800-422-0850.