Provider Information

Payment and Reimbursement

Providers are reimbursed based on weekly rates. Rates are determined by calculating the lower of the provider’s On My Way Pre-K weekly rate or the On My Way Pre-K county market rate. On My Way Pre-K County market rates are available by county on the FSSA website.

Note: The On My Way Pre-K rate is only applicable during the On My Way Pre-K school year. It does not apply to summer programs. Providers are paid at the “School-Age Other” rate during the summer.

Beginning in the 2020-2021 Pre-K year, because of the maximum and minimum amount of reimbursement set by legislation, a limited number of grants meeting the new eligibility criteria will be reimbursed a weekly rate of $147.82 for a maximum of 46 and a minimum of 34 weeks during the Pre-K year.    

Payments are made on a bi-weekly basis. The payment is directly deposited into the provider’s designated bank account through Conduent (formerly Xerox). Payments for On My Way Pre-K are made on the same day as payments for the Child Care and Development Fund program.

You can view your payments in the provider portal. There is a fund code to indicate if payment is for On My Way Pre-K or CCDF, if you participate in both programs. Reimbursement is determined based on the child’s attendance, if they only attend part-time, then half of the weekly reimbursement will be paid.

Full reimbursement will be received if the child attends 25 hours or more per week. Part-time is considered anything less than 25 hours per week.

Parents are allowed up to 20 personal days to use for absences or vacations from the program. The parent must authorize any personal days that are used. If the child attends for at least 25 hours in a week, the provider will be paid at the full rate for the week.

Providers are allowed six paid holidays and up to five paid inclement weather days, if needed.