Provider Information

Enrollment Process for Families

Families apply online or by filling out a paper application during specific state-designated enrollment periods to receive the On My Way Pre-K grants. Grants are awarded based on the selection process approved by the state. Once a family applies for a grant, they will verify their eligibility and complete their grant approval process with the state-contracted county eligibility specialist assigned to the appropriate county. These eligibility specialists work directly with the families and cannot refer families to specific pre-k programs or help families know what programs may be available.

Families will have access to the Child Care Finder, which is maintained by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration. This tool will help families locate potential providers in their neighborhood.

Families can also call 800-299-1627 statewide to speak with an Early Learning Referral specialist who can assist them in finding an eligible program. As an On My Way Pre-K provider, you can expect to receive calls from families asking if you have openings in your program.

Providers are also encouraged to market to families who may be interested in the On My Way Pre-K program. It is important to use the On My Way Pre-K logo on any marketing materials. Please refer to our marketing and branding guidelines in the Tools and Resources section. On My Way Pre-K county project managers can assist with resources and ideas for marketing including, but not limited to, flyers, family newsletter content, Facebook memes or other social media content.

Provider Information Form

Each family chosen by the state to receive an On My Way Pre-K grant will be given an enrollment packet by the eligibility specialist. As part of the enrollment packet, the parent or guardian must ask the provider to fill out the Provider Information Form to then give to the county eligibility specialist to complete the grant for On My Way Pre-K.

You will need to fill out a Provider Information Form for each On My Way Pre-K child in your program.

Here are a few reminders as you fill out the form:

  • List your program start and end dates and your hours of operation. The On My Way Pre-K hours must be the same as the hours of operation for your other programs. You cannot offer different hours just for On My Way Pre-K children.
  • For the rates, list your current weekly rate for On My Way Pre-K. Please be sure to include any charges you feel will be needed to cover any costs to your program for serving these families.

Providers will be paid the lesser of their weekly On My Way Pre-K rate or the weekly On My Way Pre-K county market rate. County market rates are available on the FSSA website.

If you have questions about how to fill out the provider information form, please contact the assigned Project Manager or the Pre-K Consultant for your county.

On My Way Pre-K Grant Awards

You will know that a child is enrolled in your program for On My Way Pre-K when you receive a copy of the grant award from the county intake agent or the parent/guardian. The grant will indicate the program begin and end dates and the approved reimbursement amount.

You can also check the EPPIC provider portal for any of your active On My Way Pre-K grants and payments.

All grants are authorized for full-time. Your On My Way Pre-K program should offer a minimum of 180 days per year, or 450 hours per year. Families are encouraged to remain with the same provider throughout the school year and during the summer, if a summer program is offered by the provider.

On My Way Pre-K is designed to support family choice, so the parent or guardian may choose to switch programs at any time.

For more information about the payment process, please refer to the Payment and Reimbursement section.