Program Overview


The new legislation streamlines the On My Way Pre-K program based on what we have learned to date, offering the following enhancements:

Full-Day, Full-Year Experience

Families with children who receive an On My Way Pre-K grant are authorized for a full-day, full-year experience. The family can choose whether their child participates full or part-time, depending on the family’s needs. Providers must offer program options for families based on their normal operating hours. If a family chooses a public or private school program that is part-time, the family can receive wraparound grants at another CCDF approved provider to cover the remaining hours or days.

Family Co-Pays are Waived

Co-pays are waived for the On My Way Pre-K program year. Co-pays are calculated at a family level, not at student level. If a family has additional children receiving CCDF vouchers, the co-pays are waived for all of the children during the year of the On My Way Pre-K pilot.

53 Weeks of Service

Families are guaranteed no less than 53 weeks of service. They will not be left without services for the summer months. If the family chooses a public or private school program that only operates during the school year, they can select another option for the summer program.

Continuity of Care

Families do not have to re-apply at the end of the On My Way Pre-K program to continue with high quality programs in kindergarten through a CCDF voucher, but they will need to re-certify at the end of the 53 weeks to confirm continued eligibility. Continuity of care for the CCDF vouchers will continue up to age 12, as long as the family continues to meet eligibility requirements.

Program Success (Purdue Study)

The Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning has partnered with Purdue University to evaluate the success of the On My Way Pre-K pilot program. We are conducting a 4-year longitudinal study of the On My Way Pre-K program, with interim reports provided each year. Participation in the study is voluntary for children, families, and providers.

The children participating in On My Way Pre-K are among some of the most educationally needy students in the state. These children started off with lower skill levels than their peers. After participating in the On My Way Pre-K program, the children gained skills at a higher rate than their peers. Most of these differences were statistically significant.

These gains include key aspects of school readiness, such as:

  • Language comprehension
  • Early literacy
  • Executive functioning
  • Reduction in behavior problems in the classroom

The On My Way Pre-K program also impacts families in a positive way, by allowing parents or guardians to continue their employment or educational efforts.

The following are some of the benefits:

  • 51% of parents or guardians were able to increase work or school hours.
  • 35% were able to obtain new employment.
  • 33% were able to begin school or job training.

The data shows that On My Way Pre-K has the potential to improve children’s early learning skills and readiness for kindergarten, while also improving the lives of low income families.